Tampolodge is above all situated between two all over the world reappointed reserves, the special reserve of Nosy Mangabe and the national park of Masoala, without considering the various marine parks situated around the peninsula. Furthermore, between July and September, whales with bump come to put low in warmer waters of the bay of Antongil, offering to all the unhoped-for opportunity to see them closely and to attend this extraordinary show. Red ruffed lemur and Helmet vanga are really endemics from this magnificient forest but also a lot of species of palms. From Maroantsetra, we can organize small walks on the various rivers which surround the city, from one hour till several hours, they are a sweet and pleasant approach of the life. It is also one of means of transportation the most used by Malagasy. A local guide speaking the most important languages will help you in each escursions that we organise.


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